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What Are Affiliate Programs?

Good Morning Entrepreneur. Sometimes referred to as associate or revenue sharing programs, affiliate programs are one of the most straightforward forms of online partnerships. Simply put, they are the internet’s version of commission-based sales: people pay other people agreed-upon fees for selling their products or services. You can participate in a affiliate program in two ways. You sell other people’s products and or they sell yours. Very simple right?

New online entrepreneurs can gain more visibility, which particularly sales and revenues, quickly by teaming up with more popular web site owners and establish e-commerce businesses via affiliate programs. They are particularly useful for online entrepreneurs who want to offer their prospects and customers a wider selection of products and services but don’t want to develop products on their own.

Additionally, they are wonderful for businesses that are looking to dramatically increase their sales. Think of it this way, you can build an infinite army of motivated sales people, anywhere in the world, and manage it automatically. Again I hope this will help you grow your online business more, and till next time, advance Merry Christmas and Happy New to everybody. Get more tips and apple apps for free at TalentCloud.Asia today.


Unconditional Guarentee

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. The idea of a money-back refund or product guarantee is not a new one. Who hasn’t head “if you’re not satisfied with our product, simple return it within 30 days and we’ll refund your money?” or how about “Try it for a week, If you’re not happy, return it and we’ll refund the full purchase amount, less shipping.” These are your average, run-of-the-mill, boiler plated guarantees. At first sight they sound reasonable, but I think they are equally flawed, Why? First, they admit that the customer may be dissatisfied or unhappy. If you’re delivering the promised experience, this can’t happen, right? then, they place a time limit on satisfaction. If you’re confident, this is never necessary.

Finally, they both guarantee to refund the initial investment, but neither does anything pay back the customer for his aggravation and disappointment. You must make your guarantee more effective, because it is an essential ingredient in all marketing communication. The governing rule is simple, that your guarantee is your promise. It is meant to remove, not merely reduce, the buyer’s risk. I will share you some tips to get it right, you need to reconsider time-sensitive refunds, so extend yours longer than anyone else in your industry or if possible, for the lifetime of the products. Let prospects try before they buy, no strings attached. Provide free samples of your product and service. Offer a no-questions-asked full refund plus a suitable amount just for trying.

That said, there are some exceptions you may consider, example, if your run in a 12 week course, you may not want to offer an unlimited guarantee because it may encourage some people to drop out of request a refund if they decide not to the required work. I hope you learn something today, continue reading and learning with us at TalentCloud.Asia, till next time, see you.

So What Do Consumers Really Want?

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. People want to love and be loved. They want to enjoy good health. They want to be entertained. They want to be popular. They want to keep their children safe. They want to be challenged. They want to feel sexy. They want to look young. They want to be rich. They want their pain to stop. They want more freedom. They want to save time. They want to be respected. As you have probably noticed, these desires are intangible, and they can’t be manufactured and packaged neatly inside a glass bottle.

But a host of others, lie at the heart of every purchase people make. They may but a feature, such as fast car, an ergonomic char, a glossy lipstick and a real estate course, but what they are really buying is the benefit. Therefore effective marketers must learn to communicate benefits rather than just features and one of the most difficult things for many entrepreneurs to do. That’s why it’s so important to take as much time as you need to find out what your targeted prospects really want, not what you want to tell them.

It’s mot necessary to compile a long list, quality matters, not quantity. Just make sure the benefits you identity are accurate and important to them, not you. Trust me, consumers could care less about how long you have been in business, how many computers you have, or whether your company is family owned and operated. Additionally, overused phrases like “friendly service” and “quality products” are meaningless. Please be specific, and once you have uncovered your product’s or service’s key benefits, look them over and ask yourself if there’s anything on the list that is a truly unique benefit, one that few of your competitors offers. If so, you have just completed the first step in developing your own unique selling proposition or we call it USP.

I hope you learned something today to grow and help your online business. Check TalentCloud.Asia for more tips and guides. Till next time, have a fabulous day ahead.

Personality Traits Of Accomplished Online Entrepreneurs

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. Let me share the traits of accomplished People. They are Conscientious and reliable, they deliver on their promises. They are also Altruistic and considerate, truly care about the welfare of others and demonstrate this concern often. They are also flexible that follow a plan but understand, expect and even welcome change. They are able to give and receive constructive feedback, have the courage to accept and provide specific feedback and constructive coaching.

They are also passionate and enthusiastic, have the fervor, energy and interest necessary to fuel their all-important vision. They are optimistic they always think positively, who choose to see the best in people and situations but are not afraid to confront the cold, hard, facts and weigh the risks in any new venture. They use their energy and resources to figure out ways to make things work, rather than think about why they won’t. They are committed to life-long learning and ask questions, search for knowledge and information, value education and respect others who do so as well.

They are tenacious and persistent, they don’t easily give up when the goings gets rough. Balanced in mind, body and spirit, they posses the mental, physical, and emotional intelligence and skills necessary to perform their job responsibilities at a high level. They are focused on the long term, as they understand that part of the work they do today is building long-term relationships with employees, clients, and vendors and planning for their future.

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Articulate Your Vision, Develop a Plan, and Stick to it.

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. If you are old enough to remember one of the world’s current premier automakers, Toyota, during the 1950s and 1960s, you will immediately grasp the concept of creating a vision and never letting go. In those days, products labeled “Made in Japan” were overwhelmingly perceived as cheap, which low price and very poor quality. So how was Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturer, able to completely reverse this stigma so hat its products have become synonymous with excellence throughout the world, in just a few decades? The obvious answer is that the company improved many things about their products over the years, but at the heart of this lay some key elements. Which is a clear and motivating vision, a well-thought-out strategic and tactical business and marketing plan and stick-to-itiveness.

And the company’s current tag line, “Moving Forward” is more than a catchy slogan for a car manufacturer. Rather, it suggests that Toyota’s belief in and adherence to, principles of Kaizen, in searching for and implementing continual daily improvements, no matter how small, and resulted in the company we know today. Your online business in tiny increments, even 1 percent daily, you will have achieved a 365% improvement in 1 year. Let’s talk about momentum. How does this look like in the real world, Well, it can be as simple as leaving 15 minutes at the end of each day to clear off your desk and write your to do list for the next day.

Sticking to a 24 hour deadline for answering all important business e-mails, building a mini course by adding one new tip each week, calling or writing one customer a day and expressing your sincere and personal thanks for their business. I hope this helps your Online Business, for more tips, check @ TalentCloud Asia. Till next time, see you.

Do you know the single biggest mistake writers make?

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. Today, we discuss about our writing, we use writing as a way to attract readers to read and visit our website more often. If you read the headline, it actually did exactly what it was supposed to do. Grab your attention and stimulate your desire to read more. Your headline, opening ta-da, is the single most important component, so craft it very carefully. In order to ensure that you grab your prospects’ attention, your headline must be compelling, speak directly to your readers’ most pressing problems, and contain your product’s most powerful benefit and differentiation.

Although print headline should also compel the audience to read on, your sales letter’s headline must go one step further and create an interest in, and desire for, your product or service. So in addition to setting the tone for the rest of your letter, your headline should grab your prospect’s attention, stimulate their interest, increase their desire to learn more, and motivate action. Therefore, you should consider getting more aggressive in your letter writing by asking yourself what would get your attention if you were one of your prospects. What headline would make you stop scanning the web page and read more.

Get the view? Try to write something slightly outrageous, yet believable, that can be read in five seconds or less. I will share you some tips of creating your own eye grabbing headline. I advice you to use the word “you”, make your headline short or long, it should sound very positive. Use basic design guidelines, and also it needs to sound personal and be specific and believable and go easy on indirect references, comedy and abstractions. They’re often confusing and usually get you nowhere. Let you prospects know you’re talking directly to them by using familiar jargon, referring to their city and so forth. For instance, if your targeted prospects are stay-at-home moms, use that phrase in your headline.

I hope this will help, for more tips and free apps, visit us @ TalentCloud.Asia, Indeed it’s more fun and profitable in the Philippines. Stay tune and Stay safe. Have a great day. Till next time.

Ways To Optimize Your Web Site

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. Happy Monday Morning, Today, we discuss on how to optimize your website. We will talk about Keywords and Phrases. Keywords are those elusive but vitally important words and phrases that internet users type into search fields when they are hunting for just about anything. Your keywords are the building blocks of all of your marketing efforts and they contain the power to make, or break, your ability to get the right traffic to your e-commerce site. That’s why you must be willing to spend the time and effort necessary to make sure they contain an accurate description of your product and service and are commonly used by your target audience. In order for search engines to find you, you will need to include your most powerful keywords in various places on your web site, your headings, anchor and footer text, and along side photos and graphics. But don’t overdo and if you have been using the internet for a while you probably remember landing on web pages that contained words or phrases that were used over and over again, even when they didn’t make sense! Years ago many internet entrepreneurs used this tactic to increase their keyword density, it’s actually the percentage of specific keywords versus all other words on the web page. So why? Because in those days search engines equated higher keyword density with increased relevance, which meant that pages containing the most were bumped close to the top of the results list. This, of course, translated into more traffic, right?

This is not the case today. Overloading your website with keywords will not help you and if the search engines suspect that you’re stuffing your website inappropriately, it will actually hurt you. While it’s important to use keywords frequently and appropriately throughout your website, so I suggest that you limit your keywords to no more than a 3 to 5 percent density ratio. You can double-check your keyword density for free on www.keywordDensity.com. Additionally, you should use no more than one or two different keywords or key phrases on any given web page and save your most important ones for your home page. Here are some guidelines that will make you use keywords effectively. I suggest you use a keyword search tool, to help you discover which ones your targeted prospects use most often, check www.Wordtracker.com or www.KeywordDiscovery.com. So begin by choosing keywords or phrases that you would use to search for your products or services and let the tools help you from there.

Kindly check out your competitors, so visit their websites and read their pages carefully to discover what keywords and phrases they are using. You can also use related search options, these are available through the major search engines as well as smaller ones such as www.Gigablast.com and www.Vivisimo.com. You may also place your keywords in paragraphs, headings and bulleted lists. Also position your keywords up front in your page copy. Incorporate your keywords into your internal and external links. Kindly run your own searches, use keywords and phrases in your domain name, and avoid keywords or phrases that are too generic. Don’t target individual keywords and mix up your keywords.

I hope today, you learn something today, to optimize your website to get that traffic and search engine ranking you deserve. Check out some more tips and guides on how to grow your online business, visit @ TalentCloud.Asia. Till next time, see you.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. E-commerce website owners have a unique advantage over more additional retailers: online shoppers are actively looking for them, and that’s not always the case for brick-and-mortar stores. With a bit of typing and a simole click of a mouse, millions of people all over the world go to search engines, such as Googlr, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. To hunt for specific products, services, information and or opportunities. After typing a word or phrase that describes what they’re searching for, and pressing “Enter”, they receive a results list that includes many direct links to appropriate websites. And you guessed it: the closer your website appears to the top of the list, the better.

People who are searching naturally assume that the websites listed first, particularly those on the first page, which are the best, and that’s where they click. The concept may be uncomplicated but the methods for achieving these coveted positions, which are awarded to the search engines’ favorite picks, which are not. The good news is, however, that you don’t have to become a techno junkie to raise your website’s position over time. Rather, you need to understand and apply consistently simple, but powerful, strategies, then be prepared to wait. And since the vast majority of online sales begin with search engines, they are an extremely valuable resource for any e-commerce business.

I hope with this article, i would be able to help and guide you with your Online Business, as i have learned the guides from top internet marketing gurus in the industry, and proven for the past few years. We are still working on our Tweet and Facebook plug that you may use for free for any of your internet marketing efforts for your growing online stores. TalentCloud.Asia Till next time.

Submit your Websites to Directories

Good Morning Entrepreneurs. It is a good idea to submit new and existing websites and updated web pages to internet directories, where real humans actually compile and categorize websites lists. There are hundreds of directories, which generally, specifically, big or small. The bigger ones usually charge a recurring yearly fee, while smaller ones will either charge a one-time fee of none at all. Most directories do not charge for listing non-commercisl websites and offer free regional listings to e-commerce websites.

It’s worth considering, even though we will have to wait for one of the editors to check out your websites. Also, no matter which directories you submit, you still have to follow its strict registering process. I suggest to submit your websites to reputable site directories, well known in your industry and interesting. Check out their site Google Ranking PageRank, it will give you  a good indications of their indications. You may also start submitting to smaller directories. They may have a smaller audience, but they are more targeted, which will results to traffic. Please don’t over think this process, submit your websites to logical directories and avoid directories that require to link back to them. Site Directories should be listing site, not plugging their own.

Again, I hope you have learned something today that will help submit your websites to different site directories to drive more traffic to your websites. Read more and learn more everyday. Do follow us twitter @graphicjungle and get your free tips and gift from us, we are also in the process designing a tweet plug for everyone for free to use, so friends, stay tune, for the meantime, just visit TalentCloud Asia today, till next time, have a great.

Other Ways You Can Help Grow Your Online Business

Good Morning Pilipinas. Today, we share more on how to help grow your online business. Have you heard about Teleconference? It’s group phone meetings, have traditionally been used by large corporations and government agencies. However, as prices continue to plummet, small-business owners increasingly conduct meetings, training sessions, and the like, using this technology. Similarly, teleseminars are group classes held over the phone, and like teleconferences, online entrepreneurs are using them more and more to help build better relationships with their prospective customers create educational products for their online customers, and deliver instructional materials to their employees, among other things.

Teleseminars are extremely flexible. For instance, they can be your online products, internal training vehicle, or a marketing communications tools. Teleconferences and teleseminars represent wonderful, cost-effective alternatives to in-person meetings and classes. Which are, convenience, which they can be scheduled at the last minute and participants can call in from anywhere. How about efficiency? Important information can be delivered to groups of people effectively, affordably and quickly. Profitability, you can sell your wisdom, knowledge or advice by creating your own telesminar. You can also free teleseminars and use an option an opt-in box on your web site to gather prospects email addresses.

You can gain credibility,by creating and delivering relevant educational instruction on a given topic will help establish you as a subject matter expert, one of the first steps in gaining your prospect’s trust. You can also motivational, informational, brainstorming, and or problem-solving teleconferences with your associates, affiliates, employees, sales and so on. You can also consider offering live question and answer sessions for new customers who need trouble-shooting advice, more detailed directions, updates and the like. Lastly, record a teleseminar and transcribe the content into articles, e-
Books, workshops and vice versa. I hope you learn something on how to help more grow your online business. Get free tips and apple apps @ TalentCloud Asia today. Have a great day and till next time.